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About Ink Wars

Ink Wars is the world’s first VS Bubble game on the market. It’s a family friendly title that is super easy to get into but contains layers of depth for competitive play.
Ink Wars is an one-of-a-kind mobile eSport that encourages fun competition between players of all ages and backgrounds. 

" Ink Wars is easy to pick-up yet hard to master. It's a great game for all ages."
Justin Wong
eSport legend

Our Celebrity Partners

AC Green

NBA Legend

Justin Wong

4 x Guinness World Record holder eSport Legend

EGC Benny

Passionate eSport Promoter

Mark Hunt

MMA Legend & Kickboing World Champion

Brandee Anthony

Breathtaking Model & Photographer

Ryan Hart

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Jamie Curry

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What People Say?

This is indeed unique! It looks like a bubble game but feels like a fighting game! I love it and my kids love competing online, my daughter is actually really good! Definitely recommend it to everyone!
This game is amazing and seems to never get boring. I love the leaderboards and being able to try to reach the next rank.
Wow I couldn't stop playing this game with my kids. Love the LAN functionality. We were able to challenge each other being in different rooms! Even though they didn't have an iPhone like me.
Din NZ